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HSBC epayments issues relating to SSL certificate mismatches

By Jordan Hall 1st April 2011

This is a technical post provided as advice to server administrators having issues with the HSBC payment gateway system. HSBC have recently updated the SSL certificates on their payment gateway system. However it seems they did not provide the intermediate certificates for the certificate authority they used. This leaves the job of updating the CA bundles up to HSBC's clients. The following advice refers to resolving the issue on a Linux server....

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Bespoke Ecommerce vs. off the shelf

By Ashley Peake 25th February 2011

With most people abandoning the high street in favour of online shopping most companies are looking for an ecommerce website. With this decision also comes the question which is the better option; a bespoke ecommerce web design or a cheaper alternative with an off-the-shelf ecommerce package? Supporters of a bespoke system will often point the advantages of having a tailor made system while the off the shelf ecommerce providers will argue that th...

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Sporting Kicks website launched

By Jordan Hall 11th February 2011

Rapid Web Services is proud to announce to recent launch of the brand new Sporting Kicks e-commerce site. Sporting Kicks sell alternative football t-shirts and souvenirs. Although Sporting Kicks have been in business for many years, they came to Rapid Web Services for a fully new e-commerce website and redesign. We took their existing e-commerce solution and converted it to a completely new  and bespoke e-commerce system. To get to this ...

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Today sees the highest sales for online retailers and e-commerce websites

By Jordan Hall 29th November 2010

According to a recent BBC article, today is set to become the biggest sales day for online retailers and e-commerce website. It is being called 'Mega Monday', and possibly resembles the Black Friday shopping phenomenon of the general retail world. Monday is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of the year, as consumers get ready for Christmas. Tens of thousands of pounds are expected to be spent online every minute throughout the day, ...

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HTML 5 Content Tags

By Jordan Hall 28th May 2010

HTML 5 introduces several new tags which focus of defining the content of a page in a machine readable fashion. In today's websites, if a computer program attempts to pick out a particular part of a page, such as the main article, the sidebar or the top navigation, it would have difficulty. This is because every website structures its HTML differently, and most modern websites use <p>, <div> and <span> tags to surround their co...

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Valentine’s Day shopping heading online this year

By Jordan Hall 11th February 2010

Valentine's Day is one of 2010's first large shopping day and should hopefully be a great boom for online e-commerce websites trying to promote their Valentine's Day gift products. Lovers will, as always, be celebrating their love and buying one another romantic gifts from a variety of places, hoping to once again win another part of their significant other's heart. In turns out that, according to a research company who has performed several ...

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What is PCI Compliance?

By Jordan Hall 11th September 2009

PCI refers to the Payment Card Industry. PCI compliance, in this context, refers to complying with the PCI Data Security Standard. Essentially, the PCI Data Security Standard is a worldwide security standard for information which was assembled by the PCI Security Standards Council. This standard requires a minimum level of security on servers and is designed to assist companies and organisation that deal with debit and/or credit card payments, ...

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