Bespoke Ecommerce vs. off the shelf

With most people abandoning the high street in favour of online shopping most companies are looking for an ecommerce website. With this decision also comes the question which is the better option; a bespoke ecommerce web design or a cheaper alternative with an off-the-shelf ecommerce package? Supporters of a bespoke system will often point the advantages of having a tailor made system while the off the shelf ecommerce providers will argue that the usability and speed of their products makes them superior. Your decisions as to which one to use will normally come down to the functionality, ease of use and most importantly the cost.

Although an off the shelf ecommerce solution may be advertised as “easy to install and manage” this is aimed at people who have a relatively good working knowledge of the web. Working with Rapid Web Services means that we handle all of the technical jargon while still producing a website that is functional and cost effective. We will then give you training on how to maintain your site and support you in getting your business working for you on the web. Off the shelf ecommerce systems may come with instructions manuals, but communicating with ourselves and developing your understanding for the systems in place is where we excel.

You can start off small with a bespoke website and then further develop it as your customer base increases. Off the shelf systems often limit the functionality, constrained to what the developer of that system saw as a good ecommerce design.  This often differs from your personal ideas or existing product catalogue for your site.

Rapidweb offers a professional consultation tailored to your company’s needs, specifying what’s really needed to get a business running online. Then we can work towards putting the special touches that makes your business unique.  At the end of the day no business is the same, so why would you choose to use the same as your competitors?

A bespoke system can easily integrate with any existing I.T. system or web services as the system is built from the ground up and specific to your needs. This kind of system can often make your site look unique and set you apart from competitors who have opted for an off the shelf system as they usually look similar. We would offer professional advice as to which systems work best and provide the most efficient integration.