Open source software

Our efforts to provide free and open source web-based software

Background on the open web

Much of the modern web industry is built on open source software and open standards. This ranges all the way from the core HTML and CSS standards to the web browsers and rendering engines millions of people use every day.

We believe the success of the web industry so far has been heavily due to its reliance on open standards and software. Therefore, as a company, we try to contribute useful open source software, libraries and tools. Often these are used by us internally for projects and our day to day work.

Open source minisite

Open Source Initiative

We have a website hosted using GitHub Pages dedicated to displaying our Open Source Software efforts. It is used to present our projects to other developers to help find our open source solutions that we provide.

Our open source projects

Over 868,000 downloads so far...

PHP UK Bank Holidays

Downloads: 299,367

This library enables developers to easily retrieve UK Bank Holiday details. Holidays can be retrieved for England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Information about these holidays can optionally be restricted by month or date.

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RW File Cache

Downloads: 164,760

RW File Cache is a PHP File-based Caching Library. Its syntax is designed to closely resemble the PHP memcache extension.

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PHP Google Contacts V3 API

Downloads: 149,607

PHP library for the Google Contacts API (v3)

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PHP Google Oauth 2 Handler

Downloads: 101,980

This package provides a handler to ease authentication with Google's OAuth 2 APIs.

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PHP Google People API

Downloads: 101,868

This package provides a user friendly way of interacting with Google Contacts via the Google People API.

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RW File Cache Psr 6

Downloads: 20,034

PSR-6 adapter for RW File Cache

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Downloads: 12,292

array_undot (the opposite of the array_dot helper function) expands a dot notation array into a full multi-dimensional array.

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Simple Google Maps API

Downloads: 7,763

a simple api for the google maps services

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PHP Postcodes

Downloads: 3,238

This library handles various UK postcode related tasks such as address lookup by postcode, postcode validation, generation of valid UK postcodes and getting a postcode's outward and inward codes.

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PHP Countries

Downloads: 2,848

PHP Countries is a library that provides an elegant syntax to country data.

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Amazon MWS Config Generator

Downloads: 1,540

Generate configuration files for PHP Amazon MWS library -

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Improved Polymorphic Eloquent Builder

Downloads: 1,147

Attempting to use whereHas queries with standard Eloquent polymorphic relationships will fail, due to Eloquent being unable to determine the correct model to retrieve. The 'Improved Polymorphic Eloquent Builder' is a class which extends the Eloquent Builder class that is built in to Laravel 5.1. It enables limited use of the whereHas method to query Eloquent polymorphic relationships.

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Downloads: 522

UXDM helps developers migrate data from one system or format to another.

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PHP Cli Progress Bar

Downloads: 322

Progress bar for command line PHP scripts

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Zebra Session Loader

Downloads: 289

This library automatically starts Zebra sessions (database powered sessions) wherever vendor/autoload.php is included. It can be useful if you need to add database powered sessions to a bespoke PHP application that lacks an existing framework.

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Laravel Dynamic Menu

Downloads: 255

Laravel Dynamic Menu provides the foundation to build entirely dynamic database powered navigation menus for your web application.

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Downloads: 88

A simple MailChimp API wrapper, SimpleMailChimp makes it easy to pass data back and forth between your website and your MailChimp account. This includes subscribing or unsubscribing users, getting a subscriber’s details and getting all the members of a particular list.

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No Post Data Laravel Middleware

Downloads: 76

Under certain conditions, when posting data from a form, the web server may lose the post data. This commonly happens if a user is uploading a large file beyond the size limits set in the web server's configuration. Laravel does not handle this situation and may end up throwing a somewhat confusing `TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken` due to CSRF protection. The 'No Post Data Laravel Middleware' handles situations in which a post request has been submitted and contains no post data - a situation which should not occur under normal usage. By default, the middleware will redirect back to the previous page with an error message flashed to the session. This can then be output on your view as you would normally handle validation errors. If needed, you can also modify this default behaviour and allow any code to run when the 'post request with no post data' situation is encountered.

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Downloads: 70

Search allows you to easily add an intelligent search engine to your website or web application. It can be configured to search any database table.

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PHP Bucket Testing

Downloads: 28

This library enables developers to easily redirect users to different URLs, for the purpose of bucket testing. Bucket testing is also known as A/B testing or split testing. This type of testing is used to test two or more versions of a webpage to determine which one performs better based on specfied key metrics, such as clicks, downloads, purchases or any other form of conversion.

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Simple Currency Rates

Downloads: 28

This package provides simple access to current currency exchange rates.

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Amazon MWS Enums

Downloads: 20

PHP enums for Amazon MWS feeds

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Etsy PHP

Downloads: 17

Based on Etsy Rest API description output, this wrapper provides a simple client with all available methods on Etsy API (thanks to the __call magic PHP method!), validating its arguments on each request.

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Caching Object Wrapper

Downloads: 17

Wraps up any PHP object so all its methods are cached.

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Downloads: 17

SimpleStripe makes it easier than ever to integrate basic Stripe-powered payments into a site. With only a small amount of code you can have a payment form ready to start charging customers.

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RW File Cache Laravel Cache Driver

Downloads: 5

Laravel Cache Driver for RW-File-Cache package

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Site Map URL Checker

Downloads: 4

The Site Map URL Checker enables you to run an automatic checks for the response from a list of urls stored in a file.

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