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0x800CCC13 Outlook Error Fix – Windows 10

By Ashley Peake 24th September 2015

A lot of people are now upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 due to the free upgrade that Microsoft are offering.  I have now completed this upgrade over 20 times on various PCs and laptops and I've found that 90% of the time everything works as expected, however I have seen a handful of issues crop up and here is one you may come across if you use Microsoft Outlook. (0x800CCC13): 'Cannot Connect to the network. Verify your network c...

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IE 9

By Ashley Peake 18th March 2011

Another point is that IE9 will only be available to people with Windows 7 or Windows Vista service pack two. The larger user base of Windows XP machines will be left with IE8 which has hardly any HTML5 capability so for the people who want to enjoy HTML5 sites will just download a third party browser like Google Chrome or Firefox rather than upgrade their setup. Perhaps I am being too harsh on IE9 it runs smoothly loads pages quickly and ha...

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Bespoke Ecommerce vs. off the shelf

By Ashley Peake 25th February 2011

With most people abandoning the high street in favour of online shopping most companies are looking for an ecommerce website. With this decision also comes the question which is the better option; a bespoke ecommerce web design or a cheaper alternative with an off-the-shelf ecommerce package? Supporters of a bespoke system will often point the advantages of having a tailor made system while the off the shelf ecommerce providers will argue that th...

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Texting can help kids read and write

By Ashley Peake 21st January 2010

Lo ruok? Bin 2 town 2day 2 meet sum m8s wot u up to? Nufn much, wru? Wot u doin l8tr? At home, Nufn till the wknd tbh n e way cu 2moro ;) Need the above translating? Then I guess you’re not ‘down with the kids’. Experts claim that using this abbreviated texting style can actually help the development of reading and writing skills. Research has shown that children who use ‘textism’ will also have less difficulty regarding spelling s...

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New UB40 website goes live

By Ashley Peake 13th November 2009

All of us at Rapid Web Services are pleased to announce the launch of the new UB40 website this week. The redeveloped web site went live this morning, after months of hard work. We’ve been working with UB40 over the last year to give them a new website that matched their stature in the music industry, we are very happy to be supporting such a successful British Band. We’ve been lucky enough to see them play live in their home city of Birming...

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The Leap goes live

By Ashley Peake 12th February 2009

We've just launched the latest inception of one of the UK's most prominent gap year placement companies. The Leap specialise in creating breath-taking, life-changing experiences for students taking time out from their studies, or adults taking time out from their busy career. The Leap takes people on excursions into deepest Africa,  South America and Asia helping communities and really making a difference to the communities and conservation. R...

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Happy new year

By Ashley Peake 5th January 2009

We hope your christmas break was as good as ours; we're all back in the office now after a thoroughly satisfying, belt-loosening holiday. It's time to make those all-important new year's resolutions and it may be time to look at how your business could be improved too. If you're looking to get your business in shape, or dust the cobwebs off your marketing collateral with a facelift then give us a call and we'll help you write the resolution list...

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Offices closed

By Ashley Peake 23rd December 2008

We're taking a break for the holiday period (we think we've earned it) and our offices will be closed from 24th December until 5th January. Our emergency support team will be still be contactable at your usual support email address. Have a fantastic christmas, from everyone at Rapid Web Services and we'll see you in the new year! Merry Christmas!...

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VAT rate cut

By Ashley Peake 26th November 2008

With the government enforcing a new VAT rate for the next 13 months, you'll need to make sure that your ecommerce site adheres to the new standard. We'll be contacting our clients over the next few days, but if you'd like to talk to us about updating your site then give us a call on 01785 250222...

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Christmas is coming

By Ashley Peake 18th November 2008

If you remember last year's christmas card you'll remember that it was, well, original... Well we've decided to go one better this year by going for the santa's grotto theme. We don't want to spoil the surprise so you'll just have to wait for the christmas post! Take a look at the last year's card here Don't leave it too late to get your christmas card sorted, give us a call and we'll make sure that it sits front and centre on your client's man...

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TV spot for Water By Nature

By Ashley Peake 19th September 2008

One of our more adventurous clients, Water By Nature will be showing their rafting skills off on TV next week, with none other than ring-rummaging, elf-lover Elijah Wood, and son of satan, Jack Osbourne. The two celebs went on a Water By Nature trip down the Zambezi river as part of Jack Osbourne's TV show, Celebrity Adrenalin Junkie... And it was quite a ride. With helicopters overhead, filming the action, the duo were treated to some of the w...

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Rapid Web sponsor Chasewater

By Ashley Peake 16th September 2008

We're proud to have co-sponsored this year's Tony and Ryan Birch Memorial Event at Chasewater. It was a great day full of fun and frolics to commemorate the lives of avid Chasewater wakeboarders Tony and Ryan who were tragically killed in a plane crash last year. Given that Ryan was an avid, and extremely talented wakeboarder, it seemed only fair that the day should be all about the art. We had competitions, trophies, thrills and spills – and t...

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