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The Importance of Branding

By Kirsty Gasston 7th May 2014

With increasing use of technology and the web among customer bases in all industry areas, websites are a key focus for businesses as part of their business and marketing strategies. With this new focus on websites and online marketing channels, it's easy to forgot about offline marketing channels, or to give them much lower priority. Offline channels, however, can be used very effectively to support your website and online marketing. But to in...

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Improve seasonal sales with email marketing

By Kirsty Gasston 24th May 2013

Most businesses have seasonality within their product offering. When your high season is coming up, you start to gear up for increased sales and marketing activity, right? And do you remember to include an email marketing campaign in your strategy? Many companies overlook the power of email marketing in boosting their seasonal sales. We have found that strategically timed email campaigns can make a big difference to sales figures, and are a real...

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By Kirsty Gasston 28th March 2013

Rapid Web Services has recently completed a new website for By-Auction, a collection of member estate agents providing property services and offering properties for sale by auction. They approached us to develop a site for them that they could use to provide members of the public with tips and advice on selling property at auction, as well links to the member sites, dates of upcoming auctions and auction catalogues. By-Auction asked us to deve...

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New websites for Halton Fabrications and Lectec

By Kirsty Gasston 12th February 2013

Rapid Web Services has recently produced new websites for Halton Fabrications and Lectec, subsidiary companies of the Engenda group. The designs for the new sites used the existing logos that were provided by the client, and the designs were created to match the existing design and branding for the group’s other subsidiary company, DTEC. The sites were created to be simple to navigate, providing users with key information about the company and...

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Does Pinterest have a future in marketing brands?

By Kirsty Gasston 14th March 2012

Pinterest is a fast-growing social bookmarking site that allows users to very visually store and share bookmarks on digital pin boards. The site has grown so much in popularity that it is said that it now drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. There is a huge amount of discussion recently regarding the use of Pinterest by companies and brands. The predominantly female audience of the site seems to have made this a popul...

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Google’s New Web Design

By Jordan Hall 8th March 2010

Google has recently released quite a tweak to its google.com web design to a select few users. Below are a couple of screenshots of the new web design from Google. Clicking the screen shots below will show the new web design, which features more squared off search button, a highlighted sidebar on search results and a change in default link colour to a significantly lighter shade of blue. This also appears to be a slight re-brand of the Googl...

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