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Rapid Web’s Open Source Contributions 2016 & 2017

By Jordan Hall 25th April 2017

At the beginning of last year, I posted about our open source contributions from 2015. Most of these projects focused on frontend web development. This time around, the majority of our new open sourced projects are backend code and libraries. They also include a small selection of 'Simple' libraries, designed to wrap around complex functionality and abstract it. Here's a summary of our main open source projects and contributions from 2016 &...

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New website go live for Littywood Farm

By Tim Lees 20th April 2016

Local award winning, soft fruit growers, Littywood Farm approached Rapid Web Services to re-design their website to bring it up to date.  Using their existing logo the brief was to give the website a more modern look, easy to navigate and to serve as a reference point for prospective employees and buyers alike.  The client requested the website to be responsive across all devices and specified that they wanted to update the content on the websi...

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Rapid Web’s Open Source Contributions 2015

By Jordan Hall 7th January 2016

In 2015, Rapid Web Services made a commitment to increase their contributions to the open source community. We therefore started several open source projects. This post will go over some of the most interesting open source contributions we made last year. Direct Share Buttons Including large amounts of external JavaScript and 3rd party code for all the various social media sites can be a pain. They can slow down the loading and rendering of you...

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Focus on your Fonts

By Matt Fennell 30th October 2014

In the last 2 years one of the biggest changes in web design is how and what fonts are being used. Long-gone are the days where the only choices were Arial, Times New Roman or Comic Sans. With the arrival of the ‘@font-face’ HTML rule, and with big name players such as Google launching services to make applying new fonts easier, the web has truly benefited. Below we look at multiple sections of where and what fonts are good, along with our ...

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New website launched for BTT Communications

By Kirsty Gasston 27th February 2013

BTT Communications had not updated their website for a considerable amount of time and required the build of a new website with a content management system. The site needed to reflect the new branding that the company had adopted since the first site had been built. Our design team worked closely with the client to draft and finalise a structure and style for the website that reflected the company’s branding and personality. We also worked c...

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New websites for Halton Fabrications and Lectec

By Kirsty Gasston 12th February 2013

Rapid Web Services has recently produced new websites for Halton Fabrications and Lectec, subsidiary companies of the Engenda group. The designs for the new sites used the existing logos that were provided by the client, and the designs were created to match the existing design and branding for the group’s other subsidiary company, DTEC. The sites were created to be simple to navigate, providing users with key information about the company and...

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New Westfalia Automotive website launched

By Kirsty Gasston 5th June 2012

The newly designed and built Westfalia-automotive.co.uk website has just been launched. Westfalia UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of the German-based company Westfalia-Automotive GmBH, specialising in towbars and associated accessories. The company is currently working to increase their brand presence in the UK. The design was developed by Rapid Web Services to encompass the brand style, as set out by the German parent company. The client also wante...

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Brand new Axair website launched

By Kirsty Gasston 30th May 2012

A brand new website, designed and built by Rapid Web Services, has just gone live for our client Axair. The site has been completely redesigned as the existing site was out-dated and was not well optimised for search engines. The new design has brought a fresh look, while remaining within the brand's visual guidelines. All code has been written with search engines in mind, and all products from the existing site have been placed into a database f...

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Redesigned website launch for 3beat

By Kirsty Gasston 24th May 2012

Rapid Web Services has just launched a new website for client 3beat. Following a design layout provided by the client, and using the new logo and brand guidelines, the website was built using our own content management system. This enables the client to have full control over the editing, addition and deletion of content on the site, so that they can ensure that in the ever-changing music industry, their website is always up-to-date. The website...

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New Edge Goodrich website launched

By Kirsty Gasston 5th April 2012

This week has seen the launch of a new website for our client Edge Goodrich, a local estate agent. Edge Goodrich had worked with a developer to produce an initial launch site that used WordPress and the WordPress Property plugin. building upon the strong foundation that had been built by the previous developer, we have rebranded the website with a new design and revised layout to make the site simple and easy for users to browse. WordPress has b...

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Fishingbaits.biz website

By Kirsty Gasston 20th March 2012

We have recently launched the new fishingbaits.biz website, providing our client with a professional ecommerce site to sell the hugely popular Marukyu baits. The site enables Fishing Baits to clearly and concisely showcase their knowledge of fishing and fishing baits, providing their customers with a solid bank of knowledge, and of course to present their full product catalogue. Fully integrated blog functionality has also been built into the sit...

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ATG Training – new websites launched

By Kirsty Gasston 20th October 2011

Rapid Web Services have recently launched a series of new websites for our client ATG Training. The sites showcase the broad range of training courses and apprenticeships that this highly-experienced training provider has to offer. These sites have all been built with Rapid Web Services’s own bespoke content management system to allow ATG Training to make edits and updates as necessary. A custom course booking module designed specifically for A...

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