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5 reasons Open Source Software is good for your business

By Jordan Hall 19th June 2015

In recent years, open source software has become more frequently used by businesses and individuals alike. Why is this, and what makes open source solutions so increasingly popular? Below I list five reasons why open source software can be good for your business. Security The security of software used in your business is very important. It is used to protect, process and store your company's intellectual property. By its nature open source softwa...

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My Overview of UpFront Conf 2015

By Matt Fennell 26th May 2015

On May 19th, I was fortunate enough to be sent by Rapid Web Services to UpFront Conference 2015 at the Comedy Club in Manchester. It was a long day, starting with a train from Stafford at 7.30am, and not getting back until around Midnight. Below is a brief overview of my highlights, and what I personally took from the day: Atomic Design Brad Frost, 10:00 - 10:40 What a way to open the conference! Brad was confident and passionate; perfectly k...

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Responsive Design and the Mobile First Approach

By Peter Chiu 23rd October 2014

Responsive design is a widely accepted strategy for those looking to maximise their website’s exposure to users across multiple browsers and devices. On the surface of things this sounds great but as a technical exercise this can be challenging, especially if the design and navigation of the website was not initially designed to be viewed on mobiles. Adapting a desktop driven design to fit on mobiles can be, at times, an extremely challenging ...

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Top Projects from the Net Awards 2014

By Ollie Reardon 27th May 2014

At the start of May, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the 2014 net awards, hosted at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden, London as one of my friends went to represent Sublime Text who were nominated and won an award for "App of the Year". The awards were packed full of famous faces from the web world as there were plenty of fantastic web projects up for different awards. Here's our team's top picks of the projects seen at the ...

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Video streaming records broken for the Royal Wedding

By Jordan Hall 3rd May 2011

A variety of Internet firms have stated that online video streaming records have been broken over the course of the UK's recent royal wedding. "The royal wedding has broken records for the biggest ever live streaming audience online, according to a internet firms. ... The BBC website meanwhile wobbled under the strain this morning as huge numbers of Britons accessed its coverage. Visitors were intermittently greeted with an error message sayin...

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Net Neutrality Fears from the ‘creator of the web’

By Jordan Hall 19th April 2011

The inventor of the web has said that governments must act to preserve the principle of net neutrality. Sir Tim Berners-Lee told the BBC that legislation may be needed if self-regulation failed. He been asked by the UK government to negotiate an agreement on an open internet between service providers and content firms like the BBC and Skype. Sir Tim would prefer self-regulation by the internet industry, but progress has been slow. "If it fail...

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