Video streaming records broken for the Royal Wedding

A variety of Internet firms have stated that online video streaming records have been broken over the course of the UK’s recent royal wedding.

“The royal wedding has broken records for the biggest ever live streaming audience online, according to a internet firms.

The BBC website meanwhile wobbled under the strain this morning as huge numbers of Britons accessed its coverage.

Visitors were intermittently greeted with an error message saying the website was experiencing “abnormal traffic” around the climax of the ceremony after 11am.

A spokesman said: “We are experiencing some technical issues with BBC Online due to the sheer weight of traffic, which may cause the site to be slower than normal in some cases.”

Other major websites appeared to be cope with the royal wedding, an event that was widely expected to break traffic records.

YouTube’s live stream, which was expected to attract 400 million viewers, ran smoothly.

Akamai, a major traffic carrier, said that its own record of 1.6 million concurrent live streams during the World Cup was broken.

And Livestream, which provided online video for the Associated Press and CBS, also said the royal wedding was its most popular stream ever.

It is likely to take several days before a complete picture of how many watched the royal wedding online emerges, however.

Network upgrades by mobile operators along the royal wedding route were successful in ensuring that well-wishers were able to call, text, tweet and update Facebook.

O2 and Vodafone installed temporary network base stations around Hyde Park and St James’ Park to double capacity. A spokesman for O2 said it was braced for 65 million royal wedding pictures to be posted online from smartphones.”

The Telegraph