Top Projects from the Net Awards 2014

The Net Awards 2014

At the start of May, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the 2014 net awards, hosted at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden, London as one of my friends went to represent Sublime Text who were nominated and won an award for “App of the Year”. The awards were packed full of famous faces from the web world as there were plenty of fantastic web projects up for different awards. Here’s our team’s top picks of the projects seen at the awards:

  1. GoSquared

    GoSquared offer real time analytics and were up for the Top Demo award for their very impressive 3D Globe!

  2. &

    Developer Maks Surguy has created two sites to provide small abstract examples to show off the power of Laravel and Bootstrap. He also told us he currently has a book in development which sounds like it will definitely be one to look out for!

  3. Web Components

    Web Components is a new standard of making different components for the web. This aims to replace the habit of downloading random jQuery plugins and hoping for the best! For example, there would be one component for the geo location API, one web component for the Facebook button, etc.

  4. Sketch

    Sketch is a powerful design tool that has useful features such as symbols which are multiple reusable components that will keep up to date with any further edits that are made. It uses it’s native OSX design to it’s advantage by offering cool features such as iOS mirroring to test how your designs would look on mobile devices. As Sketch is a vector-based application it means that resizing and scaling is simple but also provides raster-based exporting as well.

  5. Mixture

    Mixture offers a toolset for both Windows and Mac for front-end web development in mind. It has a large collection of templates like Bootstrap, Foundation and Sassaprilla that can be used as a Boilerplate for prototyping. It also offers preprocessing as it supports Sass, multi-device testing and much more!