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Today sees the highest sales for online retailers and e-commerce websites

By Jordan Hall 29th November 2010

According to a recent BBC article, today is set to become the biggest sales day for online retailers and e-commerce website. It is being called 'Mega Monday', and possibly resembles the Black Friday shopping phenomenon of the general retail world. Monday is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of the year, as consumers get ready for Christmas. Tens of thousands of pounds are expected to be spent online every minute throughout the day, ...

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Valentine’s Day Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tips

By Jordan Hall 12th February 2010

So, what is your business going to be doing this Valentine's day? With all hope, business will be booming as you stock many relevant red and pink Valentine's day gifts. The problem is, in e-commerce, it is fine to stock plenty of unique and holiday specific gifts, but if you're not getting any hits to your website, you'll be low on leads and even lower on conversions. You need to get seasonal visitors to your e-commerce website, and that means ...

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Offices closed

By Ashley Peake 23rd December 2008

We're taking a break for the holiday period (we think we've earned it) and our offices will be closed from 24th December until 5th January. Our emergency support team will be still be contactable at your usual support email address. Have a fantastic christmas, from everyone at Rapid Web Services and we'll see you in the new year! Merry Christmas!...

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The Christmas card that will not go away

By Ashley Peake 14th December 2007

We thought long and hard about what to do with this year's Christmas card. We did the whole Santa thing. We thought about how to use Rudolph to best comedic effect. Then we started thinking about those really boring cards you get at Christmas - You know the one; it comes from your aunt's wife's husband's daughter in law's tap partner who you once met at that wedding. It'll have that dreary picture of the nuclear family in front of the fire, sippi...

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Merry Christmas!

By Ashley Peake

Well, it's been quite a year for us at Rapid HQ. With an office move, an extra few members of staff and an all new brand, we're geared up for what looks to be our best year yet. That's mainly down to some fantastic clients and we've loved working with all of you! We've catalogued more sites this year than ever before and we're covering some pretty serious ground with our bespoke online applications. Stay tuned because we'll be showing some snap ...

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