The Christmas card that will not go away

We thought long and hard about what to do with this year’s Christmas card. We did the whole Santa thing. We thought about how to use Rudolph to best comedic effect. Then we started thinking about those really boring cards you get at Christmas – You know the one; it comes from your aunt’s wife’s husband’s daughter in law’s tap partner who you once met at that wedding. It’ll have that dreary picture of the nuclear family in front of the fire, sipping Sherry. Ring any bells?

Well, we decided to go one better.

We went with the dreary family shot, but we used ourselves as the models. It’s become a bit of a cult now and we’re getting calls every day asking us what possessed us to create something so bizarre. Well. If you haven’t seen it yet we’ve taken the liberty of adding it here. Click on the thumbnail to get a sneak peak.

christmas card front 2007
christmas card 2007 inside
christmas card 2007 inside