Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s been quite a year for us at Rapid HQ. With an office move, an extra few members of staff and an all new brand, we’re geared up for what looks to be our best year yet. That’s mainly down to some fantastic clients and we’ve loved working with all of you!

We’ve catalogued more sites this year than ever before and we’re covering some pretty serious ground with our bespoke online applications. Stay tuned because we’ll be showing some snap shots of our automated stock control system for one of our clients; a system that’s revolutionised their internal accounts, stock control and supply chain. It’s a bit good and we’re itching to show it off.

We’ve also notched up a record number of online sales for one of our best client’s, 8Ball. The only problem is that we keep needing to upgrade their server, as it’s just getting too darned big!

So, have a fantastic Christmas and keep checking back in the new year. There’s lots more to come!