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How to access your social media analytics

By Kirsty Gasston 12th June 2015

So by now we all know that we should be using social media for our businesses right? And hopefully you know how to engage with your audiences across Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest. But do you know how to measure the results of your activity on these social media channels? Well if not, here's a quick overview of the social media analytics that are available and how you can access them. Twitter You can see detailed reports on the numb...

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Introduction to using Goals in Google Analytics

By Tim Lees 28th November 2014

Within Google Analytics, Goals are designed for you to quantify how well your website is performing in terms of specific objectives. You can set up individual Goals to track an action on your website. These actions are defined as an activity that has a completion. Commonly known as conversions, examples of these activities include the following: A customer on an e-commerce website that completes the checkout process resulting in a purchase A u...

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Using Custom Alerts in Google Analytics

By Tim Lees 30th September 2014

In this second part of a series designed to examine the basics of Google Analytics, we look at Custom Alerts (the first article was on Understanding Audience Overview).  Custom Alerts in Google Analytics allow you to keep track of extensive fluctuations in your analytics data so if something unexpected happens then you can act upon it sooner rather than later. This could be amongst others a rise or dip in visitor numbers, bounce rate or if you h...

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Google Analytics: Understanding Audience Overview

By Tim Lees 29th July 2014

Understanding Google Analytics can be quite a daunting prospect if you are not familiar with the service. This series of guides aims to provide a simple introduction to help an owner of a website get the most out of their account. This guide is based on Google's Universal Analytics rather than the Classic Google Analytics. If you want to know more about the differences and whether you are using one or the other please click here.   The a...

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