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Consider Stripe Payment Services

By Jordan Hall 3rd September 2014

As a business you want a fast, secure and user friendly payment system for your e-commerce website. Stripe provides such a solution. A good payment system will ensure your potential customers do not get confused or annoyed and proceed to finish their purchase without issue, converting leads directly into a sale. Stripe also does not require a dedicated merchant account and should work with any accepted bank account. It also benefits from lower ...

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What is PCI Compliance?

By Jordan Hall 11th September 2009

PCI refers to the Payment Card Industry. PCI compliance, in this context, refers to complying with the PCI Data Security Standard. Essentially, the PCI Data Security Standard is a worldwide security standard for information which was assembled by the PCI Security Standards Council. This standard requires a minimum level of security on servers and is designed to assist companies and organisation that deal with debit and/or credit card payments, ...

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