Consider Stripe Payment Services

Stripe Payment services logoAs a business you want a fast, secure and user friendly payment system for your e-commerce website. Stripe provides such a solution. A good payment system will ensure your potential customers do not get confused or annoyed and proceed to finish their purchase without issue, converting leads directly into a sale. Stripe also does not require a dedicated merchant account and should work with any accepted bank account. It also benefits from lower fees, in most circumstances, than some of the larger competitors, such as PayPal.

From a web developer’s perspective, Stripe’s solutions are very elegant and in their basic form, very easy to integrate. The Stripe system provides libraries in PHP, Java, Node, Ruby and Python. The basic integration utilises a JavaScript library and AJAX to pass payment data. Despite visually appearing to be a part of the website, allowing full templating and branding of the payment pages, a correctly implemented Stripe system ensures that your server never handles any of the sensitive payment details, such as card numbers. From the financial management perspective, this comes with the benefits of lesser PCI compliance requirements, reducing the associated business costs.

Interested in getting Stripe integrated into your e-commerce website? Get in contact with us and we’ll get you set-up.