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Google Analytics: Understanding Audience Overview

By Tim Lees 29th July 2014

Understanding Google Analytics can be quite a daunting prospect if you are not familiar with the service. This series of guides aims to provide a simple introduction to help an owner of a website get the most out of their account. This guide is based on Google's Universal Analytics rather than the Classic Google Analytics. If you want to know more about the differences and whether you are using one or the other please click here.   The a...

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Understanding How Users Browse Your Website Using Click Analysis

By Kirsty Gasston 27th March 2014

It is important that you understand and review how people browse your site. Even the best website designs can fail as users don't always browse and navigate through a site in the ways that we might expect. Focus groups with customers and members of your target market are an ideal way to gain great insights and feedback on how people navigate the site, how easily they locate the information that they're seeking and any barriers to conversion. Alth...

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