Special Offers Pages

Online Product Catalogue: eCommerce Guide

You only have to take a look at how busy the high street is during the January sales to realise that people simply cannot resist a bargain. So it makes sense that your eCommerce web design system should include the functionality of special offer pages.

So exactly why are special offers so effective at getting people to purchase your products?

They give visitors another reason to buy:

Sometimes the product itself doesn’t give the visitor sufficient enough reasons to buy. But dangle a large enough carrot in front of them, by giving them a sense that they’re getting a real bargain, and it could tip them over the edge and convince them to hand over their valuable cash.

They create a sense of urgency:

Under eCommerce rules you should specify how long a special offer lasts. You should use this to your advantage by warning visitors that your offer ends soon or that you’re restricting it to a first come, first served basis. This encourages the visitor to buy straight away in order to avoid missing out. That way, you increase your sales by reducing the number of people who put off the purchase and then forget to return and buy.

They cultivate awareness of your brand:

Special offers are great at giving your brand exposure and introducing new customers to your site. They draw in visitors attracted to the offer and so provide a way to showcase your other products and services. People will also remember your site, especially if it’s well designed, increasing their chances of returning to seek out other products and deals.

Online sales and special offers are also clearly an ideal way to quickly sell off old stock and make room for new ranges. And in doing so, you’ll again enjoy the benefit of generating interest from bargain hunters looking for a good deal.

Take some time to look at the kind of deals you could do with your own products. They’re what motivate many customers into making their first purchase. And once they’ve bought from you, many will keep coming back for more.

Key points to consider

How to make offers stand out

Tests consistently prove that offering discounts such as 51% or 53% get a better response than 50%. That’s because offers of 10%, 25% or 50% off basically look like round figures casually plucked from the air. By contrast, odd numbers such as 17%, 26% and 53% sound genuinely special. It’s as if the offer has been carefully calculated and the price discounted as back as far it could go.