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Online Product Catalogue: eCommerce Guide

Every individual item you sell will usually have its own product details page. It describes the item in more detail, showing either an individual picture or gallery of pictures of the item, a series of other purchase options, such as size, colour and quantity, and most importantly a button or link where the customer can click to buy.

The product details page is where the shopper finally arrives at the full details of a particular product they’re looking for and makes a decision whether or not to purchase that item.

It is the prime selling point for that item. So you need to give due consideration to the content and photographic images that you present to your visitors in order to motivate them into making a purchase rather than moving on and buying elsewhere.

Visitors want to find out as much as they can about your product before they buy – and this is the place to do it.

Product features

The features provide all the details the visitor needs to make an informed purchasing decision. They give all the essential facts and figures about the item’s size, weight, dimensions, product code, colour options and performance.

It is vitally important to describe your features in sufficient detail. This, for example, means clearly stating whether a garment is machine washable, whether a toy is suitable for the under 5s or whether a device is compatible with both Mac and PC. Otherwise customers will end up going elsewhere and buying from a site that gives them the information they want.

On the other hand, beware that you don’t go overboard by overloading your visitor with too much information.

You need to strike the right balance with a well-structured page that provides all the most important information but also allows visitors that already know what they want to buy as quickly as possible.

Product benefits

Benefits get to the root of why someone buys your product or service by explaining what the customer stands to gain from that feature:


  • Full set of masonry, metal and wood drill bits
  • Gore-Tex® waterproof lining
  • Integrated child-safe locking mechanism


  • Drill into wood, brick, concrete or metal
  • Stay comfortable and dry in any weather
  • Reduce the risk of injury or death to babies and small children

In the case of many consumer products, people tend to be interested more in the emotional benefits, such as how a product can make you feel good, look sexy or give you a sense of belonging.

Identifying and highlighting each of your product’s benefits can be very time consuming, especially if you have a large range of products to sell. Nevertheless, you should look to include them in your product descriptions wherever you can, as they go a long way in motivating a customer into buying your product.

Putting price into perspective

If the price of your product is high compared with similar offerings, you need to put that price into perspective by highlighting its value to the consumer in another way.

For example, you might offer a longer guarantee or a no-quibble returns policy. It might be that the product is made from better quality components or materials. It could also be that consumables are cheaper, making the overall cost of ownership of that product lower by comparison.

Brand perception is also another factor that can help overcome many price objections, so make sure your website looks professional. That way your visitors will also see you as professional and trustworthy.

Key points to consider


A customer can navigate their way to product details pages through a variety of means, such as browsing or searching your site, from a banner ad on another website or directly from a search engine query.

A good eCommerce solutions provider will show you how to improve the chances of visitors making their way to these all-important pages. They’ll advise you on a range of issues from SEO and PPC advertising to how your page descriptions appear in the search engine results and how to make best use of them.