New arrivals

Online Product Catalogue: eCommerce Guide

New arrivals keep your proposition fresh and give prospective buyers a reason to come back to your site. They also send out a message that you keep on top of the latest market trends and that you’re continually evolving your range with new and exciting products.

What’s more, new products and ranges are an important aspect to your search engine optimisation by expanding your eCommerce site with regular, new, fresh and interesting content.


Much like special offers, your new arrivals will be amongst your bestsellers, so make sure that you also give them maximum exposure with a strong, well-designed banner that is positioned prominently on your home page.

Create compelling item descriptions

Bland and boring content gives visitors little reason to stick around. So make your new arrivals an opportunity to review the way you write your item descriptions and add value to your product details pages with more engaging, informative and compelling content.

Remember to avoid duplicating content by simply copying the product description provided by the manufacturer. And if you can include your own unique pictures rather than just using the manufacturer’s then so much the better.