Search engine optimised code

Online Product Catalogue: eCommerce Guide

Behind the scenes of your eCommerce application, you’ll find the coding that processes and displays the information that visitors see when they browse and use your site. It also contains code that handles other information that you cannot see. Some of this is instead used and displayed by search engines and helps them to determine the keyword relevancy of your web pages.

It is vitally important that when search engine robots encounter your website coding that they are able to make proper sense of it. And if they can’t, they’ll likely skip over it and move on, potentially leaving you with large chunks of your pages that have been ignored and therefore not indexed as a result.

A competent web developer will write code that search engines will understand and put measures in place that facilitate the process of optimising your site. Most importantly, they will:

  • encourage content-rich pages that search engines prefer
  • avoid Flash-based content, which search engines cannot understand
  • ensure mark-up conforms to official standards

Title & meta description tag

You may well have heard people talk about meta tags and title tags and how they no longer play as an important role as they once did in SEO. Nevertheless, they still remain integral to the optimisation of your online product catalogue.

You especially need to think carefully about what should appear in title and description meta tags as they supply the text that appears against your pages when they are displayed in search engine results pages. And getting the message right when users see your entry in the search results can make a difference between a potential customer visiting your site and clicking elsewhere.

What’s more, the words contained within the title tag continue to carry some weight, provided they are duplicated somewhere in the visible text of that page.

Your eCommerce web designer should go through your title and description meta tags with you and show you how they work and how to make the most of them.