Cross selling

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More sophisticated eCommerce systems allow you to suggest additional products that your customer might also wish to consider in order to supplement the product they are viewing or in the process of buying. This is known as cross-selling and, if done properly, can significantly boost your overall sales revenue.

Whereas upselling allows you to increase average order values by suggesting product alternatives of a higher value, cross-selling does this by suggesting additional items that the customer may also like to buy.

Think about the times when you’ve gone into a shop to buy just one thing, but ended up coming out with more than you intended. The trick to cross-selling in eCommerce is to encourage your customers to do much the same online.

Focus on your customer's needs

Strategically position your cross-sells

You will also need to consider at what point in the buying process to display your additional product suggestions. Your eCommerce web design solution should allow you to choose from one or more of the following:

Suggest products at different price points

There is no definitive answer as to where the best place is to put your cross-sells. It entirely depends on the products you sell and your online retail set-up.

The order confirmation page and order confirmation email are undoubtedly a good place to remind customers that you have other items that might interest them. However, it is far easier to maintain the customer’s interest while they’re still in the process of shopping at your store. This is the reason why the product details page tends to be the primary place to promote cross-sells.

Many eCommerce stores also like to use the checkout area. But this has the potential to distract the customer just as they’re about to hand over their money, thereby running the risk of losing the purchase altogether.

Try to experiment with your own cross-sells in order to find out what works best for you.

What you can expect from a Rapid Web Services system

Rapid Web Services keeps everything simple by giving you a set of basic cross-selling functions, while allowing you to add more sophisticated product suggestion features as your online retail operation grows and matures.

And with all of our packages you can let our system do the job of cross-selling for you by automatically generating a list of related items in your product details pages, based upon the type of product that the visitor is buying.

The following are typical bespoke cross-selling features that our clients use to encourage higher order values:

Most online retailers focus only on bolstering their revenue by increasing the number of transactions.

But remember that cross-sells also offer the opportunity to boost your income simply by increasing the average order value of your existing sales.