Karting madness

If you’ve never been karting before and are wondering what it’s all about, then listen closely. It’s not about having fun. It’s not about taking part. It’s not about teamwork. It’s about raw, pedal to the metal, all-out warfare. At least that’s how we look at it.  We recently met up with one of our clients, 8Ball for a head-to-head competition at Cannon Raceway in Wolverhampton and it wasn’t a pretty sight. You’d think that when client and agency meet it would be a light hearted casual affair, but the moment our visors were down the battle commenced – there would be no survivors. The heats were jam packed with moments that would send Murray Walker to an octave even dogs couldn’t register, we even had an upside down kart, thanks to our latest addition Peter Chiu taking a fancy to the tyre wall. The Black flags were also out in force leading to 2 disqualifications including our very own Development Director, Dave. He’s still raw about it too. We’ll spare you the details. But he’s angry. Still. Well, it turned out to be a fairly mixed up final – with entrants from both Rapid and 8Ball lining the grid. After some fantastic dog-fighting, a heroic spin-out by Tim, and some hair-raising overtaking manoeuvres, Ashley took home the trophy, followed by Adam (with fastest lap I might add) and Richard Barnett from 8Ball snatching up bronze. We all had a great time (apart from Dave, but let’s not mention that again) and look forward to do donning helmet and gloves once more (except Dave).