April Fools’ 2011, also Google releases new motion control system!

It’s April Fools’ day today. It has come around quickly and I remember writing last year’s April Fools’ post regarding the crazy things large web companies has done.

In other completely unrelated news, Google have released a new motion control system, akin to the Wii’s controllers, Xbox connect and the PlayStation Move system. It is called ‘Google Motion’ and as per the majority of new Google products, it is currently considered beta. Take a look at the awesome video demonstrating Google Motion beta and its advanced universal gesture recognition system below.

Looks very impressive. We’ve already started making use of the new system for our internal development meetings. It both increases productivity and also gives us all a decent workout.

If you have any awesome April Fools’ jokes you’ve played this year on your website or in your workplace, feel free to put them in the comments. I’d be interested to hear what pranks have been played!

In terms of today’s customer service, as always, feel free to contact us. If you’d like to get yourself in on the April Fools’ day jokes and give your website an unexpected face-lift, feel free to give us a call.