Bespoke WordPress Themes

We develop all our themes from the ground up

Unique for your needs

While there are thousands of themes ready to be installed by a push of a button in the WordPress Themes repository, there won’t be one out there that can fulfil all of your requirements without compromise.

We build our WordPress Themes from scratch, giving us the freedom and flexibility to tailor a web design to your exact needs. Not only will we provide layouts for WordPress Posts and Pages, but we can also provide layouts for bespoke pages such as front pages or category pages.

Graphic of touchscreen tablet

Mobile-first approach

Like with any web design that we create, we ensure it works across the smallest of devices, such as a smartphone, to restructure the design’s layout to fit to wider displays such as a laptop or desktop display.

The main advantage of design with a mobile-first approach, means that we know that all our functionality will work, not just with a small display but also is touch-friendly such as dropdown buttons and other links.

Graphic showing different sized mobile devices

Built for speed

We ensure our themes are speedy and lightweight. We have plenty of performance auditing tools at our disposal in order to delivery WordPress themes to end users who may have a slow internet connection, such as downloading from a mobile network.

Every second it takes for a WordPress site to load is vital. It could be the difference with a potential end user reading your site’s content or getting frustrated that the website is taking to long.

If your visitors are getting frustrated with waiting for your WordPress website to load, then they will simply return to their search results and choose an alternative quicker competitor.

A rocket blasting off! A metaphor for website performance speed.

We can work with you to develop a bespoke WordPress theme that meets your exact needs.