Upfront Mini 2015 Summary

Upfront Mini is a front-end web developer conference which was hosted in the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. The conference consisted of 8 speakers that discussed a variety of subjects including git, mobile testing and using WebRTC.

The schedule for the day was as follows:

  • Applying Leadership Thinking to UX by Lily Dart
  • Using Polymer, today by Sam Beckham
  • Git – Beyond the Basics by Emma Jane Westby
  • Exploring Design with Agile presented by Michael Le
  • Young people and technology by Benjamin Hollway
  • APIs – Now, and in the future by Chris Mills
  • Mobile Testing with Confidence by Amy Phillips
  • WhatRTC? Everything you need to know to connect browsers to the world by Phil Nash

With each session lasting around an hour there was quite a lot of information to take in and process. Each day, we will be creating blog posts summarising each of the talks and providing links to the slides themselves for you to read into the subject in further detail.

Stay tuned!