Simple Stripe Payments Integration

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To help developers easily implement the basics of Stripe into their website and quickly accept payments, we created the open source PHP library SimpleStripe.


SimpleStripe is a package that allows you to really quickly setup a payment form on a website and charge customers. As you probably guessed by its creative name, it makes use of the Stripe payments system.

Although Stripe itself is already a very developer friendly system, SimpleStripe makes it even easier to do the essentials of simply taking a payment. It’s perfect for adding basic e-commerce functionality to a site. It can be integrated into legacy e-commerce systems, but can also be easily used in modern frameworks, such as Laravel.


To install SimpleStripe, just run composer require rapidwebltd/simplestripe. All dependencies will be pulled in to your project automatically.

Example usage

SimpleStripe is designed to allow developers to really quickly integrate the basics of charging a customer.

You’ll need your API keys, which you can find in the Stripe dashboard. When you’ve got these, make sure to replace the PUBLISHABLE_KEY and SECRET_KEY placeholders in the example code below.

You can also specify the currency to use, and the amount you wish to charge your customer.

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; // If you're using a framework, this may be done for you 

use RapidWeb\SimpleStripe\Factories\SimpleStripeFactory; 

// Setup SimpleStripe using Stripe API keys and currency 
$simpleStripe = SimpleStripeFactory::create('PUBLISHABLE_KEY', 'SECRET_KEY', 'GBP'); 

// If payment form has been submitted 
if (isset($_POST['stripeToken'])) { 

  // Get the amount to charge (in the currency's lowest denomination) 
  $amount = 500; // Five hundred pence = Five pounds (5 GBP) 

  // Charge the customer 
  $charge = $simpleStripe->charge($amount, $_POST['stripeToken']);

  if ($charge->succeeded) {

    // If charge succeeded, display success messsage (or perhaps redirect to a success page)
    echo "Success!";

  } elseif ($charge->problemType=='Card') {

    // If there was a problem with the card, display details of the problem
    echo $charge->problem;

  } else {

    // Else, display a generic failure message
    echo "Sorry, there was a problem processing your payment.";



// Display a simple payment form
echo $simpleStripe->paymentForm();

Open Source & Contributing

SimpleStripe is an open source library produced by Rapid Web Services Ltd. It is licensed under the Lesser General Public License 3.0 (LGPL3).

Feel free to take a look at its GitHub repository, report any issues, and know that contributions are very welcome!