SEO Strategies Used to Fight Terrorism

Islam is getting a little help from Britain’s Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism, which says it plans to train government-approved groups to “flood the Internet” with “positive” interpretations of that religion in an online fight against radicalization.

The OSCT plans to coach moderate Islamic groups on how to manipulate the Google rankings of their Web sites in order to boost the online profile of moderate voices in the Muslim community, reports The Register, a British online investigative newspaper.

(Credit: International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation )

It is widely understood that terrorists use the Web to radicalize and recruit the vulnerable and disaffected; search engine optimization, or SEO, training is part of the campaign to counter this, a Home Office representative confirmed to The Register. “In order to support mainstream voices, we work with local partners to help develop their communication, representational, and leadership skills.”

Source: cnet news article

This is a rather unusual and political use for search engine optimisation. It seems that the British govnernment is employers content writers and SEO experts to promote the positive elements of Islam, in an attempt to reduce the negative interpretation commonly associated with the Islam religion.

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