Selling products online – going beyond your ecommerce site

Ecommerce is continuing to grow, with more and more shoppers purchasing on the web rather than going in-store. Selling your products online shouldn’t start and finish with your ecommerce website, though. It is also important to create Google Product Feeds so that your products will be listed in Google’s Shopping listings.

Big name online sellers such as Amazon and Play also offer companies the ability to sell their products through their channels. Many are put off of these channels as they don’t wish to share a percentage of their sales with these big brands, and because setup of accounts and upload of products can be a daunting task.

But these are big selling opportunities to miss out on. Amazon and Play are well-known brands that customers have confidence in purchasing with – until you are a bigger name brand yourself, there will be many consumers that may be wary of ordering with a brand that they don’t know. This is also true in the way that customers search for products – although there is a large percentage of people that will use Google searches to source products from the most-effective supplier, there are also many that will go to straight to Amazon, Play and a select other few sites to find the products that they’re looking for.

Rapid Web Services has been helping a range of our clients to get their products listed with Amazon, Play and eBay, and listed in Google Shopping. These clients see some great increases in their sales – with some reporting that their figures almost doubled. In these cases, we have taken away the stress of the account set ups and the creation and upload of product feeds, and the increased sales have certainly been with the fees and charges. Talk to our team if you need any advice on offering your products across additional retailers, rather than just on your own e-commerce site.