Get a mobile website and increase your audience

So many people have smart phones now. Almost everyone in our office has one, be it an Android powered device, a Blackberry or an iPhone.

With one of the biggest features of smart phones being their near anywhere web browsing, the mobile website market is every increasing. Going to a website on a phone which has not be optimised for mobile devices can be a huge pain to navigate well and could easily turn off your visitor (and potential customers), while an optimised website can make the experience a pleasant and swift experience.

In terms of mobile websites, there are two main types.

  • Optimisation of an existing website

This mainly involves ensuring the website displays well on mobile devices, and tends to revolve around changing the styling for mobile devices which not performing any major functionality changes.

  • Development of a full mobile site

Such development creates a bespoke, fantastically user-friendly experience, designed specifically for smart phone users. Such developments can be specifically designed for touch interfaces and can focus on quickly getting mobile users the information they require and directing their attention to the areas of your site that will let them enquiry or purchase the product/service your company is offering.

Without a doubt a fully fledged and specifically designed mobile site is the optimal solution for you and the best experience for your customers.

If you’re increasing in optimising your website for mobile phones or indeed, creating a bespoke mobile experience for your site, please feel free to get in touch!