Helping The National Childbirth Trust with data migration

Migration of website data from Drupal 6 to 8

NCT have been supporting parents through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood for over 60 years. Their website supports prospective and new parents with a wealth of information and resources to help them make informed choices. Within the website, users can connect with their local NCT support group as well as search for and book a variety of courses run by NCT.

NCT approached us to oversee the update of the website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 as well as all relevant custom and third party Drupal modules. As the architecture of the two versions of Drupal are completely different then this was far from a simple process.

Drupal 8

We utilised the official migration updater to help with some of the data migration. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons the migration tool didn’t migrate a lot of this data so we created our own migration handler. This needed to be flexible enough to cater for the different levels of abstraction of data relationship and storage within the Drupal database structure.

We had to rebuild the existing website templates using Drupal 8’s adoption of the Twig template engine.