A bespoke web application for bookings management

Bespoke website application

LondonEnergy’s company policies to help prevent trade waste being disposed of at household waste centres restrict the number of times per year that an individual may visit sites with a van. Traditionally, this process brought with it a large amount of administration as individual’s were required to call the site in advance of their visit – logging and tracking of visits and limits was very time-consuming for staff.

We worked closely with LondonEnergy to create a bespoke web application that enables individuals to create their own booking. A full administration area behind the front-facing website enables LondonEnergy staff to set up the information about each waste site, the types of waste that can be excepted and the limits per site per day for vans as well as an overall limit per van per year.

When an individual makes their booking, all of these settings are taken into account to ensure that the booking can only go ahead if the correct criteria are met.

A number of reports can be generated within the admin area to assist LondonEnergy staff in checking visits on a daily basis, recording each vehicle as ‘attended’ or ‘not-attended’ or even reporting if a vehicle had to be turned away for any reason, such as unacceptable waste types.

Integration with the company’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras is now being finalised to automatically record a visit, further reducing the administration time for staff.

Analysis can also be completed per site or across the company on a number of variables, enabling management to identify trends such as busiest periods so that further measures may be taken to improve the service provided in the future.